The scale seems to never be balanced. Being a wife, mom, photographer and aspiring entrepreneur/business owner are all major roles. But us woman are superheroes. Some way, some how we get it done. Doesn’t mean we aren’t tired at the end of the day (some times at the beginning, before it all even starts) Try playing all those roles and still maintaining a social life, time for yourself and keeping a clean house! (the struggle is real) but no matter the days work at hand, I still wouldn’t trade it all for the world.
I’ve only been a mom for 3 months so I’m still adjusting and trying to maintain some what of a balance in my everyday life. Some days are better than others but as time progresses things seem to get better and life begins to have some kind of order.

I’ve been lucky, blessed and fortunate enough to have a loving and supportive husband whom doesn’t want me to go back to working. I thank God for him because he pushes, supports, and encourages me to follow my dreams and work on my goals as an entrepreneur/business owner. He is truly my biggest support system. 

Being a stay at home mom is alot of work. It sounded so easy and smooth sailing when I was pregnant. Soon as my baby girl came reality followed. I tend to be a bit hard on myself, being my biggest critic. So I have to constantly remind myself “You are doing the best you can.” To not get discouraged, to not give up when things get tough and Consistency is key.

Looking at my baby girl motivates me to work harder at my dreams and goals. To be an example for her, so she will know you can follow what God has placed in your heart, take a leap of faith and go after any and everything your heart desires. I want to show her you can turn a passion into a career, if she so chooses, and that you dont have to work and answer to anyone but yourself.

This whole mom and entrepreneur thing is new to me, but gradually I will find a balance and be able to accomplish all my goals and still be a great mom.

Keyword: BALANCE


In the beginning..

It all started one afternoon when i was searching for a long lost purse that had some valuable information in it. To be honest, i completely forgot I had this particular purse. I’m sure all ladies can attest to this; we all have numerous purses,bags, clutches even wallets, among other must haves. 

My closet was a mess! And what I needed, I was so sure, would be in the back of the closet. 🙄 So I began searching, finding numerous things that I had totally forgotten about. “Hey, I remember those shades. Wow I totally forgot about this shirt! Where did this cute leather skirt come from?” I proclaimed as I still searched for that important item I so desperately needed at the time.

I finally found it, among other things. Some valuable to me, some clutter, some oldies, some goodies and some still with tags on them. Next thing I knew I looked up and I had a heaping pile of clothes scattered every where! It was a mess! At this point I had no choice but to clean, organize and revamp my entire closet. Now, if your anything like me and have as many clothing items as I do, you know this is a looonnnng process. One that has to be thought out, mentally and physically prepared to do so and “scheduled” on a day where you have absolutely nothing else to do. This surely is an all day process! The damage was already done  and unknowingly I had started this dreadful process without preparing and “strategically” planning to do so.

So here I was “winging” the cleaning of my closet. A keep pile, a junk pile, and a miscellaneous pile. I had tons of clothes. Items I’ve never worn and even forgot about. Some had no use such as this elegant ballroom dress. “When and where am I going to wear this? What was I thinking when I bought it?”, I asked myself aloud. It was a beautiful dress, nonetheless, but really a ballroom dress? I don’t even dance! One thing for sure as I went through my clothes my style said one thing. Vintage. So many items where beautiful and timeless pieces. And it was right then and there where the infamous light blub turned on in my head.

You see, I’m a new mother of a 6 week old baby girl. I realized being home to raise my child would be the best option for her. And quite frankly I don’t want to be away from her. On top of that I dreaded my job and had been praying for a door to open for me so i wouldn’t have to go back to that place. So in that moment while sitting on a pile of clothes in my closet I said to myself, “I am going to open up a vintage boutique and sell all these beautiful items I have right here in my closet!”

Its ironic how God sets us up for success and all the stars are aligned in our favor. I am a photographer and a lot of my sessions I do the styling. I also have a natural nick for makeup (never being taught nor watched a tutorial, which I’m sure I’d be a lot better at it if I did). Fashion was always a passion of mines and my closet had Vintage written all over it. You see those stars aligned!?!

I connected the dots and said I have the eye, talent, ability and tools to get this awesome idea going. So here I am launching a Vintage Boutique that originated from me cleaning out my closet. 

Oh and by the way,I never did “completely” clean out my closet but you can walk in it again, which is a major accomplishment might I add! 😆